Marble's Knives have been manufactured in Gladstone, Michigan beginning in 1899 (some sources state 1892).  The business was founded by Webster L. Marble.  The company has been known as the Marble Safety Axe Company and Marble Arms and Manufacturing Company.  The  firm still exists today, however, they stopped manufacturing knives the first time in 1979, with the company continuing to make gunsights and firearms equipment.  In 1997 Marble's started making knives again in Gladstone and did so until  2010.  The company also has an imported line of inexpensive knives which are still manufactured today.  The American made knives, especially the ones prior to 1979 are very collectible and valuable.  The knives made from 1997 until 2010 in Gladstone have also become very collectible and have doubled in value.  Big Sky Images has a good selection of the last run of Marble's knives listed at very reasonable prices compared to other online prices.  Our prices include shipping and insurance.
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