Old Timer & Uncle Henry Schrades - U.S.A. Made

The American Schrade Company went out of business in 2004 right before the one hundredth anniversary of the company. Over the decades the knife company was called various names: Schrade Cutlery Co., Schrade Walden Knife Co.,

Imperial Schrade Knife Co., and Schrade U.S.A. Knife Co. The Schrade company was the manufacturer of the famous Old Timer brand beginning in 1959 and the Uncle Henry brand beginning in 1964. After Schrade went out of business Taylor Knife Co. got the rights to use the Schrade, Oldtimer, and Uncle Henry names, however all of the knives have been made in China since 2005. Big Sky Images & Collectibles may have the largest retail display of U.S.A. made Oldtimer and Uncle Henry knives in the country. We have listed several patterns of each brand. These are bona fide U.S.A. Oldtimers and Uncle Henry's which have become very rare and collectible. 
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