Ruana knives

Ruana knives rank as one of the finest knives in the world.  R.H. "Rudy" Ruana started hand forging these knives in Bonner, Montana in 1938.  They are a great user knife, very collectible, and a terrific investment item.  A knife from the 40's that could be purchased for less than $10 will bring a few thousand dollars today.  In the beginning, the knives were made out of Studebaker springs, but in the early 60's with the absense of Studebakers, Rudy had to change the blades to chrome alloy spring steel which is still used today.  Any knife made prior to 1984 is considered to be an old Ruana, and after 1984 with the take over of the business by son-in-law Vic Hangas, and grandsons, the knives are deemed new Ruanas.  Most of the knives listed on our website are new Ruanas which when purchased from Ruana Knife Works, Inc. requires a wait of several months before delivery.  

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